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  • To take up women and children fair programme.
  • To take up Bamboo Research & Tissue culture & Bamboo
  • Related Programme (including seminar farmers training etc.)
  • To take up Agriculture related programmes/Schemes etc.
  • To take up Environment& Forest related programme.
  • To take up Food related programmes.
  • To take up Horticulture Promotion Services (including terms of reference for Techno- economic Feasibility Study)
  • Technology Development and Transfer for Promotion of Horticulture
  • To take up low cost housing latrine.
  • To start with thrift and credit programme.
  • To five more awareness about the over population.
  • To start income generation programme.
  • To take up the natural regeneration of forests.
  • To start with vocational trainings.
  • To start handicrafts training programme.
  • To take up health programme especially prevention of contagious, diseases and AIDS.
  • To take up urban base service (UBS) programme.
  • To take up the food security programme.
  • To conduct mobilization camps on human rights
  • To take up consumer rights programme.
  • To take up the Bio-diversity programme.
  • To take up handicapped rehabilitation measures.
  • To setting up computer training center.
  • To take up integrated child development service scheme.
  • To take up reproductive and child health service.
  • To establish of human Resource Development training center.
  • To establish a primary school, high school and colleges.
  • To take up programme for adolescent girls.

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